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Microsoft pfuscht bei Windows-Kernel-Sicherheit – und Ransomware profitiert

Heise Security 19.10.2022 15:21
Der Windows-Schutz vor gefährlichen Treibern bekam jahrelang keine Updates. Nachdem Forscher das dokumentierten, bessert Microsoft jetzt stückweise nach.

Krankenversicherer gehackt: Angreifer wollen 1000 betroffene Promis kontaktieren

Heise Security 19.10.2022 13:46
Medibank gehört in Australien zu den größten Krankenversicherern. Mutmaßliche Hacker wollen von dem nun mit einer neuen Methode Geld erpressen.

Museum Security

Schneier on Security 19.10.2022 13:16
Interesting interview:
Banks don’t take millions of dollars and put them in plastic bags and hang them on the wall so everybody can walk right up to them. But we do basically the same thing in museums and hang the assets right out on the wall. So it’s our job, then, to either use technology or develop technology that protects the art, to hire honest guards that are trainable and able to meet the challenge and alert and so forth. And we have to keep them alert because it’s the world’s most boring job. It might be great for you to go to a museum and see it for a day, but they stand in that same gallery year after year, and so they get mental fatigue. And so we have to rotate them around and give them responsibilities that keep them stimulated and keep them fresh…

Experts Warn of Stealthy PowerShell Backdoor Disguising as Windows Update

The Hacker News 19.10.2022 12:09
Details have emerged about a previously undocumented and fully undetectable (FUD) PowerShell backdoor that gains its stealth by disguising itself as part of a Windows update process.
"The covert self-developed tool and the associated C2 commands seem to be the work of a sophisticated, unknown threat actor who has targeted approximately 100 victims," Tomer Bar, director of security research at