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Datentransfer in die USA: EU-Kommission veröffentlicht Nachfolger für Privacy Shield

Golem 13.12.2022 21:46
Der Datenaustausch mit den USA soll mit der Angemessenheitsentscheidung der EU-Kommission eine neue rechtliche Grundlage erhalten. (Privacy Shield, Datenschutz)

Security Flaw in Atlassian Products Affecting Multiple Companies

Dark Reading 13.12.2022 18:00
Jira, Confluence,Trello, and BitBucket affected.

The Cybersecurity Industry Doesn't Have a Stress Problem — It Has a Leadership Problem

Dark Reading 13.12.2022 16:00
Organizations need servant leaders to step forward and make their teams‘ professional effectiveness and happiness a priority.

Cybersecurity Experts Uncover Inner Workings of Destructive Azov Ransomware

The Hacker News 13.12.2022 10:08
Cybersecurity researchers have published the inner workings of a new wiper called Azov Ransomware that’s deliberately designed to corrupt data and "inflict impeccable damage" to compromised systems.
Distributed through another malware loader known as SmokeLoader, the malware has been described as an "effective, fast, and unfortunately unrecoverable data wiper," by Israeli cybersecurity company

New Ransom Payment Schemes Target Executives, Telemedicine

Krebs Security 08.12.2022 19:25
Ransomware groups are constantly devising new methods for infecting victims and convincing them to pay up, but a couple of strategies tested recently seem especially devious. The first centers on targeting healthcare organizations that offer consultations over the Internet and sending them booby-trapped medical records for the "patient." The other involves carefully editing email inboxes of public company executives to make it appear that some were involved in insider trading.


Microsoft Warns of Rise in Stolen Cloud Tokens Used to Bypass MFA

Dark Reading 21.11.2022 21:50
Analysts see an uptick in token theft from authenticated users, allowing threat actors to bypass MFA protections.

Major Security Breach From Business Users' Low-Code Apps Could Come in 2023, Analysts Warn

Dark Reading 21.11.2022 19:30
Here’s what that means about our current state as an industry, and why we should be happy about it.

MIT Research Documents Effectiveness of Consensus Cyber Risk Oversight Principles

Dark Reading 21.11.2022 18:10
Organizations that use the consensus principles can significantly improve their cyber resilience without raising costs, MIT research shows.

Notorious Emotet Malware Returns With High-Volume Malspam Campaign

The Hacker News 21.11.2022 15:24
The notorious Emotet malware has returned with renewed vigor as part of a high-volume malspam campaign designed to drop payloads like IcedID and Bumblebee.
"Hundreds of thousands of emails per day" have been sent since early November 2022, enterprise security company Proofpoint said last week, adding, "the new activity suggests Emotet is returning to its full functionality acting as a delivery

Google Identifies 34 Cracked Versions of Popular Cobalt Strike Hacking Toolkit in the Wild

The Hacker News 21.11.2022 6:42
Google Cloud last week disclosed that it identified 34 different hacked release versions of the Cobalt Strike tool in the wild, the earliest of which shipped in November 2012.
The versions, spanning 1.44 to 4.7, add up to a total of 275 unique JAR files, according to findings from the Google Cloud Threat Intelligence (GCTI) team. The latest version of Cobalt Strike is version 4.7.2.


Charting the Path to Zero Trust: Where to Begin

Dark Reading 19.11.2022 0:00
Your journey to zero trust can be perilous if you are using legacy equipment that wasn’t designed for it. Begin the transformation where it makes the most sense for your organization.

Microsoft Warns of Hackers Using Google Ads to Distribute Royal Ransomware

The Hacker News 19.11.2022 8:24
A developing threat activity cluster has been found using Google Ads in one of its campaigns to distribute various post-compromise payloads, including the recently discovered Royal ransomware.
Microsoft, which spotted the updated malware delivery method in late October 2022, is tracking the group under the name DEV-0569.
"Observed DEV-0569 attacks show a pattern of continuous innovation, with

Threat hunting with MITRE ATT&CK and Wazuh

The Hacker News 18.11.2022 13:07
Threat hunting is the process of looking for malicious activity and its artifacts in a computer system or network. Threat hunting is carried out intermittently in an environment regardless of whether or not threats have been discovered by automated security solutions. Some threat actors may stay dormant in an organization’s infrastructure, extending their access while waiting for the right

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